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West Linn High School

Substance Free Grad Party

June 2024

Did you know that The West Linn High School Substance Free Grad Party began with the Class of 1988?!  And...

Did you know that the WLHS Substance Free Grad Party was established to prevent recurring tragedies such as that in Oxford Hills, Maine in 1979, when 7 alcohol and other drug related teen deaths occurred during the commencement season?

 The Tradition Continues! While the location is always kept a secret, the date is not!  Students leave together on provided busses and are returned the following morning to West Linn High School! 


We need Junior and Senior parents to be a part of staffing this fun night!  This is not a school sanctioned event and parents are needed for a variety of roles to make this happen.

2023-2024 Senior activities will be posted as information becomes available.  Please check back to this website for details throughout the year.  

Many exciting activities are in the works.

Thank you for your support! Please reach out with any questions.

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This event is fully run by parents.  We need dozens of volunteers to HELP US make this an amazing event!  

Looking to make a quick donation? We appreciate you taking the time to support the substance free graduation party for West Linn High School class of 2024.  Click on these links to make a quick and easy donation or sponsorship.

We're so pleased to be a part of the tradition! 
Molly Lallum, Wendy Pothast and Heather Coller


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