Grad Party FAQs

What is the West Linn HS Substance Free Grad Party?

The Grad Party is a non-profit (501c3) organization that provides an all-night party for the senior class of West Linn High School.  The goal of the party is to keep graduates safe on graduation night.  


When is the Grad Party?

June 8, Tuesday, 2021.  Seniors will be transported to the party immediately after the graduation ceremony.

What time is the Grad Party?

Grads will board the buses immediately after the graduation ceremony.  The party will begin at approximately 10:30 PM and will end at 4:00 AM. Buses will return to WLHS for student pick-up.


Where is the Grad Party?

For safety reasons the location of the party is a strictly held secret.  After the ceremony, seniors will board their assigned bus which will take them to the party venue.

Who can come to the Party?

All Class of 2021 West Linn HS Seniors.


What is included at the Party?

All the food, drinks, games, entertainment, and prizes are included.


What is the appropriate attire?

Comfortable clothes and shoes.  No high heeled shoes.  Bring something warm to wear as the party is outdoors as well as indoors. ***Important! Due to a change in policy by University of Portland, students WILL NOT be permitted to change attire after graduation in the UP facilities, no exceptions. Pack a comfortable outfit in your provided Grad Party bag, along with your swimsuit and hygene items. 


What should be brought to the Party? 

Bags, along with instructions, will be handed out in the Commons this spring.  These bags are for your comfy party clothes, a bathing suit and personal products (toothbrush, feminine products).  The bags will be checked in graduation morning before the senior breakfast.  They will be given back on the buses on the way to the party.


What are the Rules and Guidelines for the Grad Party?

Please see the Behavior Agreement 

Is it required to sign a Release Of Liability Waiver?

Yes! Every student must have a signed release of liability waiver.  Release of Liability Waiver will be available when registration opens.


When is registration?

Registration will open in early May.  An invitation will arrive in the mail, and also an email with directions will be sent to every Senior family.

How much do tickets cost?

All of our events over the year are fundraisers, aimed at offsetting costs of the tickets to individual seniors. The more successful the fundraising, the less the cost to you! 


Do you offer scholarships?

Yes!  All students will have the opportunity to attend.  To maintain confidentiality, those who need scholarship can contact Mrs. Riddle in the counseling office. 

Can donations be made to the Grad Party?

Yes!  All donations go directly to the Grad Party. We are a non-profit, 501c3, organization.  

All donations are fully tax deductible.  FEIN #46-3646994


Are volunteers needed?

Yes!  We definitely need a lot of help to make this party a safe and successful evening.  Volunteer information can be found here.

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